It is important for you to know before reading this page that Philip was with this family and that Philip was helping them by building a house for them on a lot that Philip owned so that the mother and father would settle down and not move around so much while working a welfare scam. It was messing up the children in their school studies but they didn't care. Philip discovered the problems when Philip tried to help them with their homework. During the time they were in Salton City they were all there together to build the house. Philip had verbal parent power of attorney over the children anytime the parents were out or not around. Philip had picked them up from school many times and watched over them while their parents were not present. Taking them out to places such as the park and other places so they would not be bored all the time (There was not much there).

The last 4 charges that came one month later after their arrest (both Philip and the parents) was a misrepresentation of the truth that the DA made up after taking with the children because the parents ran away and the DA had no case. Philip did not know that the parents had fled because Philip could not make bail. The DA used the fact that Philip did not know they had ran away and used it to trick Philip into a plea bargain 19 months later. The four charges would had been dismissed well as the first charge if it had gone to trial. The oldest girl (11) said what she said because she was just tying to prevent the family being broken up and the kids separated each to different places without their parents.

What they didn't know was that it was going to happen anyway. If the DA had told them that they would all be together and not taken from the parents. It was a lie. Once everything came out in court the parents were looking at no less than 10 years in prison just for the welfare scam. Philip was sure the DA did not tell them that their parents had ran away to keep the children in line with the DA. The other thing Philip did not know was that the children must have had realize that the parents were not around anymore so they didn't want to continue to lie about it any more. They were unwilling to testify. You may understand this more after you read the letter below.
You're Honor:

I am writing this letter to give you important information on myself and on the matter of my Sex Registration.

Late in 1979 I met a man while working late one night in a Jack-in-the box restaurant and he invited me to visit him and his family. When, I visited him and his family. I discovered that he had 3 daughters (7, 6, & 5), 3 sons (4, 3, & 2), a 6mo. Baby girl, and a man who was living with him, his wife, and his 7 Children. I had visited them about two more times and on the third time I discovered that they had moved.

About one year later I had bumped into the 3 oldest girls in a small food store and they were buying everything sweet they could carry. I ask them about how they been and such and discovered that they moved to another part of the state and back. They had received a lot of money from a man named Ed who had helped the family move out of town and later back. The girls were staying with Ed for a couple nights at his Apt. by themselves. They told me where they lived so I went to visit their parents to discover that it was the family and a different man living with them.  When I stopped by the next time they had moved again. (Why will be apparent later on)

About one year latter I had bumped into the man and his wife, and later visited them at their house at the time and discovered that it was the family and another different man living with them. Not to long after that they had moved again. I sorry for being redundant here but, about one year latter I bumped into them again. This time they were living with a woman and her four children (two girls & two boys). Plus the woman was renting her other rooms to other people. This is when I found out what it was all about!

The man was working a welfare scam. He would move into a town and apply for emergency welfare funds ($1,500 + food stamps) collect about two or three more months of welfare and move into another town and do the whole thing again. He was on SSI also. The other man living with them worked odd jobs and such with this man and watched the children from time to time and whatever? Ed was the sugar daddy. He helped them with everything they needed to move when they needed to move. And he received special privileges with the older girls. On their last move which was from New York. Ed went to New York and picked them up and drove them back. When they stopped in a motel for the night it was Ed and the older girls in one room, and the rest in another room next door.

Of course Ed paid for everything. I had found out from the girls that all of this had been going on for years and always some man was living with them. How I found out about this was this. I had been to Germany in the army just before this and I had a German elementary school Sex education text book (Which was complete with pictures of everything) in my truck camper shell and while the girls and I were on a picnic. The girls went into the camper shell and found the book. When I came in to see what they were up to. They were at the part of intercourse looking at the pictures.

They were not shocked nor did they ask any questions about it. I ask them if the had seen anything like it before. They said yes. My thinking that something might be going on I ask more. This is what I found out. The girls told me that on many of their overnight and weekend visits with Ed that he had them watch him having intercourse with a 12 year girl he had around all the time. He was sticking the back side of an ink pen into all of the girl
's vagina (I think, to get them ready for intercourse when they were just big enough) plus other naked games & fun. As this was all hearsay and the girls said they would not like it if I said anything to anyone. I decided on a plan to hopefully stop what was happening if it was happening.

I was going to an auction in the near future and I had told the man about the good deals that could be had. I bought a lot in Salten sea city Ca. and I wanted to build a house on it. Well not having the money or good enough credit. I ask the man to sign a five year lease to rent the house and I was going to use the contract to get a paper loan to build the house.  Then he and family would move into the house and live in it. I helped moved the man and his family to a motel in Salten sea city so we could get things going on the house and the loan for it. We got two rooms and because the parents wanted to have their privacy they asked me to be in the room with the girls.

As time went along the girls were running around with any boy that they could and one day they came in and ask if they could go to a fort the boys had some distance away from the motel and I said no as I was in charge of them when the parents were not around and I had full verbal power of attorney over them. It was not uncommon for me to stop and pick-up the girls from school or when I saw them walking home from school when they should have taken the bus. Well soon my money ran out and I had to live in my truck. The family moved into a guy
's trailer. One day when I was visiting at the trailer. The girls and I were playing a board game and they told me that they would do anything to keep the family together and not be separated.

Not to long after this. The man asks me to help him move to another town and I said no because it had to stop, and I was thinking that something was going to happen with the police. Next thing I knew I was being pick-up for questioning by the city police. Ed had tried to start his thing with the woman
's daughter's who the family uses to live with when I helped move them to Salten sea city. The woman told the police there, where the family was because it was said by her daughter's that something had happen with the other man's girls with Ed. They told the truth that I had not tried to do anything with them. And I had been with them lots of times with every opportunity to try.

So there were no charges made against me there. However the oldest girl in the man
's family said I had put my hand into her pants once so I was arrested and charge with 288a. Calif. Penal code. The man and his wife were arrested for child endangerment, pimping-their children out to men, and some other things that I can't remember now. They were let out on OR. And I could not come up with bail. For one month they were able to live with their children and in one months time 6 more new charges were filed. Well as it later turn out. The parents disappeared. The girls were being wined and dine (as it were) to keep them on the prosecutor's side. And my attorney was begging to take a plea bargain the D.A. was pushing on him. I had to take the deal of one charge of 288a, and here's the reason why.

My attorney was a civilian atty. Assigned to me due to conflict of interest because the public defender was defending the parents in the case. He was complaining that he was spending more money than the city was paying him for my case. He was handling Juvenile cases (which had priority over adult cases) as well as adult cases. He was never ready for my case when he appeared in court with me. Even when the jury was walking in the door to the court room he had nothing with him nor did he have anything at all for my defense. I had tried five times to fire him but the court said no. I told my atty. That I was going to take the deal and plead no contest to one charge of 288a. I also told him at the same time that I was going to make an appeal because of unjust causes.

When I said
"no contest"to the judge the prosecutor (and I'll never forget this for the rest of my life) let out a great sigh of relief. When, I asked my Atty. about it. He said the D.A. had asked him to talk me into the deal because his witnesses were unwilling to testify. I then called out to the Judge as he was leaving and ask him about an appeal. He said there could be no appeal because I had made a plea bargain. If my Atty. had told me this before (which he didn't) I pled no contest. I would have gone through with the trial and went for an appeal because I had enough causes for it. It should be noted here that my case was at the same time as the big McMartin, molestation case in LA. Calif. so I had no chance at all for a fair trail, and when I was in Prison to serve out my three years. I went to the library and I found a case that was just like mine that was reversed and the man was given an appeal. I didn't follow through with it so I guess I'm stuck with it.

Because of me, seven children are no longer with their abusive parents which was what I basically set out to do
"to stop it". Ed I was told had confessed to all and went to prison for 25 years. (He was in his 60s) I was stabbed in the back for trying to help some children out of a bad situation. Was it worth it, for me yes? If I had let it go on knowing what I knew, I couldn't have lived with myself.