When Philip discovered what some of the things were that Mechelle lied about in her divorce declaration. Philip added it to his lodgement of evidence filed with the court. She said many things that were lies that were made to the court to make Philip look like he was unsafe to be with Michael using Philip's 30 year old record (Page 5). She made mistakes with most of them. One was that she said that her son told her that Philip had dressed him up like a girl and "Painted" his fingers nails with fingernail polish. 1. A child of 4 does not know the difference between boys and girls or that it would be embarrassing for him to be seen dressed like a girl let alone. Complain about it. Philip has eye witnesses who can say that they had never seen anything like that. One of them was with Michael & Philip constantly for the majority of the time Michael was with Philip (Philip will add two years of pictures of Michael when he was with Philip later to this website. Philip has about a thousand of them and this website building is slow and time consuming which is why it is not Finnish yet. It may take another two weeks or more).

2. Philip is allergic to fingernail polish in it's wet condition and there is no way Philip could have done it (The fumes will make Philip sick). In the "NOTICE OF ADDITION TO LODGMENT..." in the documents filed in court that are below, are about what she said that there was something noticed by the nurses at the child protection center where Michael was when they first took him from Philip that she would only say in the court hearing. Philip confirmed what Philip thought it was with Mechelle in a meeting with her and then filed the "NOTICE OF ADDITION TO LODGMENT..." because, it was a misrepresentation of the truth. The addition documents below explains what the truth was. Also, Michael was never allowed to see Philip naked.
This is a copy of the amended "Description" of all of the exhibits (Evidence) that were filed with the Lodgment to the court
This is a copy of researched information from " about young kids playing with themselves's