Page four, Paragraph five: on March 25, 2010 my Attorney could not come to court because of arthritis and he sent his assistant (Not an Attorney) to advised the court he could not come to the hearing that day. The Judge with a request from her attorney for support started to order 15,000p (Approximately $365.00 at that time) child support but he stopped (According to my contracted yaya and Barry's wife who could hear what they were saying in Filipino). I could not hear them because of my hearing and not being at the conference table as well as I do not understand Filipino. He had no legal right to do anything because I was not represented by an Attorney at that time.

But in this Decision papers it is said to be an court order when it can not be. He later makes it an court order on page 14 last Paragraph as if it was in effect as of March 25, 2010. Almost from the beginning I started to bring support to her every weekend when I was to pick up Michael at my wife's Attorney's office. Food and money (4,000p x 4 = 16,000p). My wife's Attorney office secretary signed for and accepted the first support package (This was before the supposed court order. The next weekend my wife's Attorney's partner came out and refused my support because she wanted the big support not a little support (I have legal video of her refusal).

Page four, Paragraph six: This is when I took Michael's pass port to the immigration office in Mandaue, Cebu on April 8, 2010 to get his "I" card. I was told that he did not need a "I" card because his mother was Filipino. It was almost five at that time and the court was closed. So I did not return the pass port. I used it the next Day April 9, 2010 a court holiday to take Michael to Mexico. I did it because it was "In the best interest of the child". The Philippine supreme Court's rules supports my actions for this as well as the Decision quoted those rules. (Please see page 12 of the Decision third paragraph attached to this letter on the next page)

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Page four, Paragraph seven: No comment.

Page four, Paragraph eight: I would like to know what is said in this counterclaim I was supposed to had made because I was unable to contact my Attorney after I left the Philippines with Michael. Even my contracted yaya could not contact him. This should have been a motion to dismiss because of "Lack of Jurisdiction" as said in the Philippine Supreme court rules.

Page four, Paragraph nine and last: I do not know when my wife testified to this address but, she and her family moved to a house that her sister bought for her mother, from that address in January 2010. She refused to tell my Attorney and the court where they moved to as per the Philippine Supreme Court rules. They moved so I could not collect more evidence against her because of the constant parties they were having all the time. Underage drinking and probably more things not good that a 2 year old child should be exposed to or around it. She made the mistake of putting it all on her Facebook page so I got it anyway. She said an incorrect address so I would not know where they moved to.

Page five, first paragraph: This address for me is correct.

Page five, Paragraph two: I do not know what is in this affidavit and I find it strange that they did not specify what is in it. I can not say anything about it until I see what is in it.

Page five, Paragraph three & four: Both are true.

Page five, Paragraph five: There was minor quarrels and arguments but they were all caused and/or provoked by her. She was unhappy that her sister had two houses and that her American husband was giving her all kind of gifts and they were always on some trip and her sister was always bragging about it. It was only one time that I yelled at her. She. A person who has never been behind a steering wheel of a car was back seat driving and almost cause a three car accident. My intention was to make her realize that she needed to be more careful about it and let me drive (43 years experienced driver).

I did not take her pass port or any Id's from her because she gave them to me because she did not want to do anything about our travel and other things as well as what we had to do for her green card because she was too immature at that time because, she had never been on her own (That is still true at this time). She left that to me. It was not until she threaten to take Michael with her to her sisters house (An act of kidnapping) that she wanted her Id's and pass port. Even now in our divorce in Riverside, CA. her US brother-in-law helps her with everything (He has been with her in everything she does. I believe he is controlling her because he will not let me talk to her and physically blocks me from her. He and his wife want Michael for themselves s).

I had realize that she had not married me in good faith and only married me for immigration status and the USA green card. I was about to report her to USCIS and ICE for fraud in marriage so I could not be accused of marriage fraud. So I maintained all our documents. When we discovered that she was pregnant I was hoping that this would change her mind and she would stay with me so I canceled my plans to report her. When we were in the Adelanto CA. house she knew nobody and had no where to go. I did all I could to show her where she could catch the bus to the mall (Right on the back corner of our house lot) or that I would take her anytime anywhere she wanted to go. Anytime we went anywhere she would not get out of my van. It wasn't until I took her to a clothes store that she would get out of the van.

She was never locked in the house nor did I ever not let her leave the house. She had gone out on her own with Mike instead of me taking her two times when Janice had her baby. Then we Moved into Mikes lower studio unit in Wrightwood, CA. She was upstairs with Janice and Mike more that she was with me (She then knew someone and had a way and place to go out of the house. So she did). Mike and Janice are my eye witnesses to this. Janice and Mechelle walked around the neighborhood with the babies in strollers on more than one occasion. The first time I was asked by Janice if she could (That was not needed).

I said yes without hesitation because I knew it would be good for her because of all the time she did not try to go out on her own while we were living in the Adelanto, CA. house. Mechelle had become major depressed when we first moved into the Adelanto, CA. house and I tried everything I could to get her out of it. That is one of the reasons I gave up the Adelanto, CA. house we were trying to buy. It also cost to much to live there and it was affecting our marriage (Pictures of Mechelle in the Adelanto, CA. house while she was depressed).
Page five, Paragraph six: Just before we went into the Hong Kong City Hall chamber to get married. I told Mechelle about my being in Jail and Prison 21 years ago and, what for. I then told her that we did not have to get married and that I would take her back home if that was what she wanted. She said she would lose face if she went back and was not married to me (I also think that she was thinking that she & her family would have to move out of the apartment that I had rented and moved them into. I would have not done that. Also, she would not get the USA Green Card).

When we got to the USA and we got to my room (Master bedroom) in Mike's Joshua street house in Hesperia, CA. I had to go the Sheriff's office to do my once year visit with them. I have to do this once a year on my birthday. Mechelle went with me and was there in my Van when I made my visit with the Sheriff office. She was well aware of my conviction before our marriage. She has made a false statement to the court about this. The notice in the paper was just the paper showing that I, as well as all others in a one week time period who had to report their new address within 5 days when they moved into a new residents to the nearest Sheriff or Police office. It is something the paper does all the time and is still doing it even now, and it is normal.

Page five, Paragraph seven to page six paragraph three:
Basically this information is true except that I was not convicted. I had to plea NOLO CONTENDERE because my assigned civilian attorney whom I tried to fire with the court 5 times was not doing anything for me and was not prepared to go to court for me. Also the big McMartin case (<>) was going on at the same time, and I would not have gotten a just trial because of that case at that time. They also spelled my first name wrong "Philipp" it is Philip.

Page six, Paragraph four (Please read Page three Paragraph seven to Page four Paragraph one about the agreement): I had told her that I had reported her to the USCIS and ICE for marriage fraud. Not to long after I told her that. Bill, her US brother-in-law sent me an email with an agreement paper he wrote for me to sign. It was in no way proper and it was totally in her favor. I rewrote it and after 5 drafts she agreed to sign it. She said that she wanted to leave for the Philippines as soon as possible. The legal separation "agreement" that we signed was the only way Mechelle was going to leave the USA and go back to the Philippines. This "agreement" was not filed or certified by any court and was nothing more than what we agreed to at that time and it was not meant to be permanent as we had also agreed for me to move to the Philippines and for us to live together there in the Philippines which is the only reason I gave her permission to take Michael too.

Page six, Paragraph five: There was no abusive behavior from me to her. Even Mike and his Filipino wife can testify to that. She had to claim domestic violence (I believe by the advise from her US brother-in-law who had a divorce of his own) in an attempt to get the court to give her a T.R.O. and the custody of our child to her. She claimed "Verbal abuse" and "He would not give me MY BABY"-(She was going to kidnap our child from our home. She threaten to do it) and that I was keeping her as a prisoner in my house. She was never restricted or kept from leaving the house at anytime (Links to pictures relating to this will be posted soon). The judge was not going to give her the T.R.O. because there was no police called, no doctor or hospital visits, no injuries reported, and no 911 calls for help. He only gave her the T.R.O. after she said the term "PC290" about my history. Then and only then did he signed the T.R.O. I was told this by the court Bailiff who was working in the court room during the hearing. I did not ask for this information and I did not know that he was there at that time because I was not in the court room at the time.

Page six, Paragraph six: This is true. I did it because we had agreed that I would move to the Philippines so we could live together. It made it easier for me to get ready to move to the Philippines. The only way that she could have taken our son with her was if she could show that she had custody of our child and it was just until we were together again when I moved to the Philippines.

Page six, Paragraph seven: She makes it look like I just followed her to the Philippines without her knowing it. I have many yahoo instant messenger archived conversations and have them printed out to show that she was helping me with getting the house ready for my arrival when I moved to the Philippines for us to move into. She even got the furniture with my money for the housed. She even said yes to the house I ask her to go look at. I wanted to make sure she like it and it was OK. When I got there the house was a mess and infested with ants and mosquitoes. I canceled the purchase of the house (I lost 21,000p on that deal. $445usd). Then I rented the house in Banawa, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines.

Page six, Paragraph eight: It was the agreement and it was just until we were together again when I moved to the Philippines.

Page six, Paragraph nine: This is another false statement by Mechelle to the court. I got there on September 6, 2008 and I was invited into my wife's apartment by her. That, I had given to her with everything in it as part of our Separation agreement (A violation of our agreement). She made love to me on her own within the first week I was there (Legal reconciliation). It took me three weeks to get my rented house in Banawa ready and on October 6, 2008 Mechelle and Michael moved into my rented house to live with me (A violation of our agreement). Then one month ten days latter she said that she still wanted the divorce.

There were no Visitations needed for me with our son because we were living together from the time I arrived on September 6, 2008 until Mechelle moved out of my rented house in Banawa, Cebu City on December 1, 2008 and she left Michael with me as per our uncontested Mexican annulment (A violation of our agreement). She gave me our son's pass port at that time (A violation of our agreement). Then she started to have her every other weekend visitations with our son (A violation of our agreement).

Page six, Paragraph ten and last: Mechelle after a year of our signing for an uncontested Mexican annulment, she moved out of my house, received $600usd every month, and she had every other weekend visitations with our son. She then, asked me for an agreement about our son on November 16, 2009. We had no agreement with the uncontested Mexican annulment other than I would have sole custody of our son. I told her that I would write up an agreement that we could sign and I would take it to an US family court and file it and make it legal. That way she would have legal recourse against me if I had violated the agreement. The agreement was the same that we had agreed to and what had been in place for a year since we did the uncontested Mexican annulment other than I added that I would never take Michael away from her (It was nothing more than what we were already doing).

She had agreed to sign it and we were to meet at the US counselors office in Cebu City to have it notarized. Then on the night before she text-ed me and said she would not sign it (I have a yahoo instant messenger archived conversation to show that). I had all ready paid for the trip to Guam (Total $3,000usd) to file the agreement and she knew this. I had to go or lose the money I paid for the trip. I was to leave that day of our signing the agreement and, it was Mechelle's weekend to have our son (NOT MY WEEKEND!). I told her I would give her more time with him when we got back. I think that she did not want to sign it because it was her plan to file for the custody case.

I was thinking she was going to take our son from my house after I had left for Guam so I took our son with me (In the Philippines the father does not need permission to leave the Philippines with his children but, the mother does. Immigrations would not let her leave without the fathers permission in writing from the DSWD). I was right. She filed for custody and her attorney came to my house to pick up our son with the Sheriff.

Page seven paragraph one: Here is proof that she lied about her giving me visitation of our son on November 21, 2009. Michael and me left for Guam on November 20, 2009 and Michael's and my pass port exit stamp will show that. November 20, 2009 was Mechelle's every other weekend visitation time that I had mention on page six paragraph ten: (Please see a copy of Michael's passport stamps next two pages)