Mechelle while claiming in her custody case for Michael that she and Philip were married and Philip was keeping Michael from her which was a misrepresentation of the truth had an affair with a Filipino man. This affair started in the second month of the custody case. Mechelle in Nov. of 2008 signed for an uncontested Mexican annulment with Philip agreeing that Philip would have the custody of Michael (The annulment was later discovered by Philip to be a fraud. However, she signed for it). Mechelle left Michael with Philip on 12-1-2008 and received $600.00usd a month from Philip and picked up Michael every other weekend taking him to her apartment (Which was not part of the annulment agreement). On 11-25-2009 Mechelle filed for custody of Michael claiming that Philip was keeping Michael from her which was not true (The DECISION). There is no legal separation in the Philippines and adultery is up to six years in prison. When you add the punishment for lying to the court (Which can be proven she lied) could be more years added to that.
My wife committed adultery in the second month of the custody case that she filed in the Philippines and she would still be in jail now if I had stayed in the Philippines. She had a child with her other man. In the Certificate of Live Birth of their adulterous son with the late registration form to the left. She misrepresented the truth on both these forms (Which are high lighted).

The other man's name is Ener Angelo Palcone Bernardo. The child's name is Sean Wayne Umba Bernardo and he is currently living in Mechelle's mother's house in the Philippines at #2 Bil-Air Apartment, Sito Kumon, Block 2, Villa Levson, Bacayan, Cebu City 6000. I believe she as per the Philippine Law that says; "A child under the age 7 shall not be separated from the mother" that, Mechelle has affectively abandoned her adulterous child in the Philippines per that rule and she has not seen him in person since she left the Philippines on 4/19/2012.

She changed her last name to Young on her passport three years after our legal separation and I believe with false information to DFA. I don't think she told them that we were legally separated for over three years and that she was going to the USA to flee the Felony charges she could face if she stayed in the Philippines for adultery (A series of pictures taken from Facebook are below).

On the Birth Certificate in the "Child" section at "#5c BIRTH ORDER" she cliams this child is her "First" child (Michael is her first child). In the "MOTHER" section at #11she claims her "OCCUPATION" as "Housewife" (Yes and no).

In the "MARRIAGE OF PARENTS" section at #20a. she rightlly claims they were "NOT MARRIED" however, no where on this form or the "LATE REGISTRATION" form did it say she was married to Philip (Philip was the legal step father of this child while married to Mechael). In the "CERTIFICATION OF IMFORMANT" section she used her madian name but she used her signiture for her married name. (I am about the only one who would notice that. The last letter in he singiture looks like a "g" and not an "a"). All in all they should have had been arrested because of everything on the birth certificate as per Philippine Laws.

More to come later.
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