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Medical Records notes
All medical records and/or medical receipts that follow accept for the, "Certificate of Consultation" dated 8-5-08 from the Chong Hua Hospital Cebu City, Cebu Philippines were received by Philip when Philip had to take Michael to the hospital and/or Doctors after Philip received Michael from Mechelle's every other weekend visitations almost, every time she returned him from 12-1-2008 to 12-1-2009 (Eye witnesses can confirm her visitations and Philip's custody of Michael). Then when Mechelle received custody of Michael on 12-1-2009 by court order, Philip received every weekend visitation with Michael. Then, Philip had to take Michael to the hospital and/or doctor every weekend when he received Michael from Mechelle starting from 12-1-2009 up until 4-9-2010.

On 3-19-2010 when Michael's doctor said it would be better for Michael to leave the Philippines or he would be permanently disabled soon, Philip finally had enough. Philip filed a complaint with the court about the neglect of Michael with no results also, with the U.S. Embassy Manila (See the complaint filed with the court about this). So, on 4-9-2010 when Philip received Michael for his weekend visit. Philip took Protective Custody of Michael and removed him from the Philippines and the hazardous and dangerous conditions that were destroying his health even though it could mean life in prison for Philip. The court itself and even the U.S. Embassy would not try to stop the neglect so Philip did this because it was:

                                                                      "IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD".

The first "Certificate of Consultation" dated 8-5-2008 is when she had to take Michael to the The Chong Hua Hospital emergency room in Cebu City which was within three weeks time from when Mechelle and Michael arrived in the Philippines on 7/16/2008. That "Certificate of Consultation" from that visit was received by Philip at his request on 12-8-2009 from the Chong Hua Hospital records office as evidence to show the court all of Michael's one year nine  months medical record history in the Philippines. It is unknown to Philip if there was any other required Hospital or doctor visits from 7-16-2008 to 9-6-2008 while Michael was with Mechelle alone (And her family) that may have happen. Philip arrived in Cebu on 9-6-2008 and was invited to stay in Mechelle's apartment and he could watch over Michael. They moved into a rented house on 10-6-2008 to try to get back together again. However when Philip told Mechelle three weeks later that. Any property that Philip would buy for them to live in would not be in her name per Philippine law (She couldn't take the property from Philip). Two weeks after that, Mechelle said she wanted to go ahead with the divorce Philip had started in the U.S.A. at her request.

Doctor Laura Jean C. Jarina, M.D. "Certificate of Consultation" dated 3-19-2010 for Michael's hospital visit at the Cebu Doctor's Hospital Cebu City, Cebu Philippines that had one illegible word was corrected by the doctor on 1-22-13. The word was "Atopy" (Can be fatal). The neglect of Michael started in his first month. Philip had to take care of changing his diapers (Especially overnight). When Philip was not around she took Michael to Philip's land lord friend's  upstairs apartment most of the time and asked his wife to do it (Please see the "You are the one" Video).
Everything that follows concerns the divorce of Philip and Mechelle Young. Mechelle lied to the courts to be able to get and keep their child which was not necessary because, she would have received the child automatically accept for the evidence that follows that may have shown her unfit to have their child that she needed to discredit in some way. She  may have lied also because the child was the only way for her to collect support from Philip because alimony with or without their child was not an available option to her. She did not report the support she was receiving from Philip for their child when she applied for welfare for Michael (Confirmed at a court hearing for support). Philip believes the welfare for Michael was canceled because she did not report the support she was receiving.

Philip believes that she wanted Philip to never have any contact with their son as revenge on Philip for removing their child from her and the Philippines by, lying about Philip making it look like Philip was a danger to their son as well as  trying to camouflage the facts that she and her family had endangered their child's health and life by neglect. She has not shown any remorse for any involvement of what happen to their child that Philip has seen. Philip believes she knew or was advised that she had to have sole custody of their child to be able to keep her U.S. Green Card she received from their marriage (Confirmed by USCIS. Her sister married an U.S. Citizen [Since Divorced] and she became an U.S. Citizen and she could have helped Mechelle to come to the U.S.A. like she did with their mother and get a Green Card).  Philip believes that she will remarry an U.S. citizen just to be sure that she will be able keep her U.S. Green Card and monetary security and Philip thinks it will not matter who she marries. 

Philip had to take protective custody of their child and remove him from the hazards and dangers to his health in the Philippines that could have led to permanent disabilities (Confirmed by a Doctor) and also in time, may have led to death if the hazardous and dangerous conditions were not changed. This action was legal and supported by the Philippine RULES OF COURT and the Philippine Supreme Court rules. It says that anything that is: "IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD" is paramount no matter what!. Even over the custody rights of the parents (Is mentioned on pg. 12 in the Philippine Decision as well. Her Philippine atty. put a copy of the Philippine Supreme Court ruling in Mechelle's court complaint).

No one who's job it was to stop the neglect happening to Michael would do anything to stop the neglect even with all the evidence that was given to the court ordered Social worker (The same as is in this website. This can be confirmed by three eye witnesses). There is now some new information that suggests that some neglect is still happening now. Philip believes that Social Status is more important than anything or anyone to this family, and it became apparent to Philip early on that Mechelle only married Philip for the U.S. Green Card.

These lies will become apparent to anybody who looks at all this information with an open mind especially to ALL THOSE with personal contact with Mechelle considering all that she and her family may have said to them about Philip. She has nothing to show that her accusations about Philip are true and Philip has all that follows to show otherwise.
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The combination of the wrong food and not giving him enough water is what cause the hard stools. Michael's rectum was severely damaged by having to pass very hard stool five time bigger or more than his rectum, two and more times (See the videos below). Philip always gave her enough food, water, and diapers for the weekend but Philip does not think she use all of it for him (She had many cousins in need). All pictures and videos were taken within a hour after she returned or brought Michael to Philip. All the pictures and videos were taken in several weekends during an one year five months time period. They are not just from one or two times.
During the four months when she received custody of Michael until Philip removed him. Michael was so sick most of the time. He would throw up and not be able to keep his food down. Again, always not to long after he was brought to Philip.
Philip was running scared this time when she brought him to Philip sick this time. We were about to take him to the hospital for possible dengue infection but then his 103 fever broke and he became better. He always had a lot Mosquito bites on him.
He had major diaper rash most of all the time when he came back from her. We would clean it up only to have it there again when she brought him back to Philip. All he poop pictures are from every other weekend for almost a year. She would leave him in his diaper for hours instead of changing him properly.
Constant body rash from Atopy. Mosquito bites all the time because she would not dress him right when he went out to play outside. Below is one of the many times he had major diaper rash. Again all of this is just after she brought him back from her visits or gave him to Philip for his visits.
1 Michael's very hard poop
2 Michael's red rectum with bruises
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