These videos were taken mostly at the same time the pictures were taken (As back up Verification for each other). Also, they were all taken with two persons present at the time they were taken. They were Philip and Michael's yaya (Nanny) and a few times there were three. The reasons Philip put all of these pictures and videos and other evidence together was because of the new alien laws enacted after 911, the abuse of aliens in the U.S.A. history (Some murdered for life insurance), the Women Act of 1994 (Which Philip thinks is totally one sided in favor of women), and more importantly. Philip's 30 year old record (Page 5). Please remember that these videos are from every other weekend when Philip had custody of Michael from 12-1-2008 to 12-1-2009 then from every weekend from 12-1-2009 to 4-9-2010 while Mechelle had custody of Michael. They are not just from a few days!

The truth In all the pages on this website should be enough to give reasonable doubt to anybody who views them with an open mind that, what Mechelle may or may not have told anyone is not completely true or is a misrepresentation of the truth. None of this evidence is made up and it is real (Verifiable). It is impossible for a husband or father to correct, enforce, or control anything that the wife or mother may be doing without her realizing that it can or may be a hazardous and/or a dangerous condition for any other thing that can happen to her or her child without, violating some rule or law (Ie: The Women Act of 1994 and 911 alien Laws). An alien wife who has never lived anywhere other than her own country should give her husband the benefit of the doubt that he knows what's what in his country whom he has lived in for 62 years.

Most U.S. husbands know or don't know that a call to 911 by his alien wife will end him up in jail with no questions asked and no proof needed at that time or anytime (Most alien wives know this before they marry a U.S. citizen husband. Most foreign woman know that once they are approved for a US Green Card it is almost impossible to lose it or to be taken away from them {The word of mouth is a very strong way to spread the word}. [Philip has researched this and it is common knowledge in the Philippines as well they know that any abuse claims with no proof needed will help her keep her Green Card without needing the husband around. That is how Philip's wife got her terminated US Green Card reinstated]).

So, What is a husband to do when his alien wife quits being his wife or neglecting her child and is just seemingly hanging around waiting for the two year required marriage time period for her temporary Green Card to pass so she can divorce him and move on with her life with a permanent resident card and with someone else if she wants. Hence, one of Philip's reasons for collecting all of this evidence. So, Philip just waited (Without abuse) for the inevitable to happen and dealt with everything as it happened (Philip backed it up with audio recordings, eye witnesses, pictures, and videos. However, The courts will not look at it).
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1 Caused by hard poop do to dehydration
This is only two of the many times he threw up after he was returned to Philip
He almost always had many mosquitos bites on him when he was returned to Philip
2 Other caused by hard poop do to dehydration