It is unknown who took these photographs. Philip believes they were taken by one of the family members in the Cebu city apartment. Philip Believes this is why she did all that she did.

   Money 1,2,3,4 were taken sometime from March 6, 2008 to March 25 2008 in the Cebu City apartment when Philip took Mechelle & their three month old child Michael for a visit to to meet his grandmother and two aunts. Mechelle had asked Philip for 10,000p allegedly for her mother's teeth to be repaired (Philip was not in the apartment when these photographs were taken). It is apparent from the photographs that they were flaunting the money as a prize. Philip copied these photographs from Mechelle's computer while Philip was repairing her computer in the Cebu apartment as Philip had to do several times after Philip moved to Cebu City, Philippines on 9-6-2008.

Money 5, was taken in the Cebu apartment and they were flaunting the money to their friends on Facebook. The photograph was collected from Facebook and Philip believes it was taken by one of the family members. This was while they were separated after 12-1-2008 and Philip has no ideal where the US money came from (Money 5 may have been taken on the same day as Money 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 as she is wearing the same dress and showing pregnancy.  Aiza (15-16 yrs old) was pregnant at the time from her Philippine boyfriend (Whom Philip thinks practicality lived in their apartment & later in the house and Philip believes it was because of no parental supervision).

Money 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 had to be taken sometime in January 2010 Because that is when they moved without telling the court that they had moved. They also refused to give the address to anybody. They were taking inventory of their booty they had bought using Philip's money that came from their marriage and flaunting it to their friends on Facebook (Including the apartment Philip gave to her). This was while, they packing to move to the house that Ursula Long had allegedly bought for her mother that was one hour or more away from Cebu City in Villa Levson, Bacayan, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines ( Some of the money may have come from Ursula for these items also). These photographs were collected from Facebook and again Philip believes the pictures were taken by one of the family members.
Money 1                                                  Money 2                                          Money 3                                           Money 4
Money 7
Money 5
Money 6
Money 9
Money 8
Money 11
Money 12
Money 10