#5. Janice & Michael's full Video declaration: Philip flew to Wrightwood, CA. On Jan. 20th to 24th of 2010 to get a video declaration for the Philippine custody case CEB-36151 from Janice & Michael Aydelotte who were now living in the lower unit that Mechelle & Philip were renting from Mike, after they moved out. Because, Mike was renting out the upper unit at that time. He made more money renting out the upper unit. The video was taken on 1-21-2010.

#6 YOU ARE THE ONE! - is edited from #5: This is about the diaper rash when Janice changed Michael's diaper and that Janice was told by Mechelle to put Michael in the bath tub.

#7. Job, upstairs, Open & happy but, slept 2 much - is edited from #5: This is about what they knew about what Philip tried to do for Mechelle.

#8. Mechelle told Mike & Janice she was not coming back - is edited from #5: This is about when Mike came downstairs on 6-11-2008 to tell Philip that Mechelle was bragging about leaving with Michael when her sister comes on Friday June 13, 2008 to pick them up and that she was not coming back to the house.

#9. Ursula 2 pick up Mechelle for the mall, abandonment - is edited from #5: This is about what they knew about June 16, 2008 when Ursula to pick up Mechelle and Michael to take them to the mall. Philip told Ursula that Mechelle was free to go with her but they could not take Michael with them. Michael was just inside Janice & Mike's house with Janice and they could see him. Philip did this because Philip knew that they were not going to bring Michael back to the house. Also, of what Janice & Mike knew about when Mechelle, Ursula, and along with Bill Long and they came back with an invalid court order with a Sheriff unit to pick up Michael. Also about Mechelle leaving with Ursula & Bill Long leaving Michael with Philip (Abandonment of the child with a person Mechelle claimed was a dangerous person)
#6 You are the one
#7 Job, upstairs. open, & happy but slept 2 much
#5 Full Video
#8 M told Mike & Janice she was not coming back
#9 Ursula 2 pick up M 4 the mall, abandonment